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Connect Colaboration

Connected Collaboration links your team to the people, information, and applications they need, when and where they need them. Project Delays and Cost Overruns. A nightmare scenario that’s often caused by communication gaps or simple human errors. With us, you are always on the latest version. Easy visualisation of changes between various package versions helps everyone to stay on the same page. Also, we liberate you from IT complexity and costs by using a shared workspace in the cloud.

Meet where and when you want

Connect with clients or teams across multiple devices and platform through HD video, crisp and clear audio or both. We help you with reduced travel time and costs, optimised attendance, structured meetings with improved communications, increased productivity, employee retention and sustained competitive advantage. Distance is a no blocker to the folks in the meeting room and the sales team on the road collaborating and ultimately, winning.

Remote Sharing and presentation

You need to be able to see what is on each other’s screen to truly understand meaning and messages, be it a sales presentation or just solving a technical issue. Remote desktop access and screen sharing make for effective meetings and save your time and money, helps with in depth product demonstrations, remote training and guidance, maintain control of remote machines, etc.

Brainstorm & Co-create

Engage your audiences remotely through interactive multimedia presentations. Brainstorm ideas and collaborate with teams in real-time through text co-annotation, drawings and images with a virtual white board tool.

Reach out further

Easily schedule or setup on-demand conferences beyond your premises boardroom using DevsLane audio conference. Reach out globally through DevsLane strategically placed POPs in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Relation Building

We take the relationships between you and your clients to the next level by creating personalised and integrated experiences. We streamline your team’s workflow, build customer intelligence, and enhance your brand client interface in a smarter way.

Enterprise-Level Customer Relationship Management

All in one Smart CRM platform for improved information organisation and customer service, enhanced communication, lead nurturing, automation of everyday tasks, greater efficiency of multiple teams, improved analytical data and reporting.

Agile & Intelligent Customer Response

Incident and ticket escalation management to streamline your customer support ticket traffic flow and improve customer service and satisfaction.

Intelligent Workflow Automation

We create automated and smart workflows, such as delivering particular content or responding through a preselected channel when the customer contact follows a certain path of action or criteria. This helps in reducing the chance of missing an opportunity. It provides a hostile view so that nothing is left unattended.

Manage All your Contacts in One Place

Centralised contact management not just helps in managing and sharing the contacts from one interface, but also helps different departments to stay updated by having access to real-time data related to customer’s profile and hence serve the customer in a more personalised manner.

Evolution of UC

DevsLane allows your team to stay connected wherever they are via their desktop phone, laptop, mobile or PC, through a robust IP communication system. We enable user access to all business communications features, from any registered user device. Organizations can enable users smartphones to transparently bridge calls from the company’s Wi-Fi networks to cellular networks and back, keeping “on-the-go” and “location agnostic” users connected. Desktop client software can turn any network PC into a virtual desktop phone and unified messaging terminal. Users can travel with their extensions, use video conferencing, and access advanced call forwarding and web-browser dialling. A mobile workforce keeps communicating, even when they are miles apart.

Smart Call Routing

Interactive voice response allows your service centre to automate inbound call handling, routing calls to the right person through a set of voice prompts and options. Not just this, we enable Call Queues (Route inbound calls to agents based on schedule, weighting, skill, etc.), Geo Routing (Distribute calls based on location of the caller) and Call Recordings (Great tool for sales, training, and management).

Unified Messaging and Communication

DevsLane contact centre channels all your in-bound voice, email and chat into one system, streamlining your communications and transcribing your voice messages into email. Our cloud based unified communication offers a system that is affordable, scales quickly, and is flexible enough to grow alongside your ever changing communication needs.

Localized numbers – globally distributed communication

Communicate with customers through local numbers and have them re-routed to international phone lines with MI number.

Streamlined Customer Communications

With DevsLane, you can manage and respond effectively to all customer points of interaction from one intuitive interface that seamlessly integrates smart communication solutions and customer relationships management. Cloud based Unified Communications provide users with an array of sophisticated features such as advanced email and voicemail options, as well as automated attendants. Other features include edge traffic shaping, which preserves bandwidth and ensures call quality and reliability, as well as the ability to connect two Internet circuits onsite, providing extra backup. Unified communications combines enterprise grade voice features with sophisticated collaboration applications and hosts them securely in the Cloud.

Flexible Scalable and Integrated Solutions

Leverage the benefits of cloud-based tools with the flexibility to add on more as your needs evolve, and to scale up the services as you grow. Synchronised data and applications help in improving the ability to operate effectively and nimbly.
Improved operational efficiency, increased flexibility and scalability, faster time-to-market, better internal communication, improved customer service, support and retention, increased competitive edge, reduced operational costs and increased revenue are some other benefits.
Cost-effective VOIP based communication

Gain the benefits of cloud-based IP communications without the upfront investment and inconvenience of onsite hardware such as servers or legacy PBX systems. With minimal acquisition costs, fast implementation and lower total cost of ownership, organizations can streamline their communication services quite affordably.

Scalability without disruption

DevsLane systems can scale up easily as your customer base grows and your team and business expands without changing your infrastructure or disrupting the organisational workflows. The ability to add or remove users as needed, with reduced administrative efforts and guaranteed service level agreements (SLAs) all help make a move to the Cloud even more attractive.

Flexible and Seamless Integration

Smart, joined up organisations need the flexibility DevsLane offers to add on additional features seamlessly. Do you need to instantly chat, set up video and video conferences, share and exchange documents, as well as engage customers in real time dialogue? Project teams who are spread across multiple time zones can use Team Chat features to update content in real time, conduct whiteboarding sessions and leverage video to overcome silos between departments.

End-to-End solution for Enterprise Communication

Manage your entire enterprise communications from a single cloud-based platform without the need for third-party solutions. Full end-to-end integrated solution for all your communications means no silos or complicated integration between different systems.