Internet of Things

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Internet of Things

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Consumer Electronics

  • Smart home & Smart Office solutions
  • Device profile management & inventory
  • Configure events for smart interaction
  • Remote Control
  • Remote Provisioning and Firmware Distribution
  • Monitor and analyze activities of devices/ users/ groups.
  • Monitor device performance
  • Collect user experience and use data


  • Monitoring Connected car systems
  • Smart Driving assistance
  • Fault detection, Prototype A/B testing, Smart alerts & Notifications
  • Automated emergency management
  • Cloud-based infotainment solutions
  • Fleet management & Vehicle telematics
  • Optimized logistics
  • Predictive Maintenance


  • Telehealth & Remote patient monitoring
  • Remote device configuration and tuning
  • Automated device-to-analytics data flow
  • Data analytics apps for clinical and patients
  • Predictive device maintenance
  • Hospital asset management
  • Smart Hospitals
  • HIPAA-compliant data security

Industrial IoT

  • Smart and unified industry-wide interconnectivity
  • Production line remote monitoring
  • Centralized config data updates
  • Maximized systems uptime & Optimised asset utilization
  • Workforce tracking
  • Efficient field service
  • Remote device configuration and tuning
  • Failure mitigation & safety control
  • Cloud based data storage and analytics
  • Predictive maintenance

Smart City

  • Infrastructure and smart energy
  • Ad-hoc traffic balancing
  • Transport Management
  • Ecology monitoring solutions
  • Energy-saving buildings
  • Efficient public services tracking
  • Smart public safety systems


  • Multi-device data exchange
  • Data integration across apps/devices
  • Broad sensor hardware support
  • Autonomous interoperability
  • In-cloud data storage
  • Topic-based notifications
  • Controlled firmware updates
  • Customized data analytics and reporting

Smart Energy

  • Smart appliances
  • Smart metering solutions
  • QoS data collection and analytics
  • Fault Detection
  • Smart grid asset monitoring
  • Remote infrastructure maintenance
  • Smart building energy management

Logistics & Smart Supply Chain Solutions

  • Real time fleet and asset management
  • Smart labels
  • Cargo monitoring
  • Inventory tracking and analytics
  • Storage conditions control
  • Optimized warehouse workloads
  • Predictive maintenance
  • End-to end visibility into delivery process

Sports and Fitness

Integration of fitness devices to mobile
Data integration from different sports gear
Support of tiny sport wear sensors
Notifications and Configurable alerts
Remote equipment control for gym, sports venues etc.
In-cloud data storage for easy sharing.
Near real-time analytics over collected data.
Sports equipment predictive maintenance.


  • Sensor-based files and resource mapping
  • Remote crop monitoring
  • Remote equipment monitoring
  • Climate monitoring and forecasting
  • Smart logistics and warehousing
  • Predictive analytics for crops and livestock
  • Livestock tracking and geofencing
  • Stats on livestock feeding and produce

Smart Retail

  • Interactive digital signage screens
  • QR Code & Barcode based signage & payments
  • Mobile shopping applications
  • Sensor-based items tracking
  • Mobile payment solutions
  • IoT enabled beacons
  • Tailored digital marketing
  • Optimized inventory management
  • Customer preferences analytics