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Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality
Mixed Reality

Whether you want to visit an artificial digital environment that completely replaces the real world, or overlay digital content on the real world environment, or not just overlay but anchor to or interact with that environment, we bet to exceed your expectations everywhere.

Whether it’s about immersive videos as a form of VR, or apps based on VR, AR & MR, we fall short on none.

Our popular domains of development include :-
Real Estate
Maintenance and Repairs

IoT and Wearables

Stand out from the crowd with IoT apps for wearables that really impress. Wearable technology is a hallmark of the Internet of Things and the most ubiquitous of its implementations till date. The efficiency of data processing achieved by various smart wrist wear, smart clothes, and medical wearables is getting to the point where this consumer-oriented side of the IoT technology will bring exceptional value to our lives and become a new fashion along the way.
Rest assured with our IoT solutions featuring rich architecture with the in-built capability and hooks to automate more than 90% of validation efforts.
Device validation using tools like Vector Cast, various Java & scripting languages based frameworks
Automated validation of web services
Automated validation of inter-cloud communication
Validation of connected mobile apps
System level validation & integration with test management systems
Pre-testing for compliance & certification

WebRTC and Video Conferencing

By eradicating the need to rely on plugins when transmitting video and audio and facilitating easy peer-to-peer sharing of content without any costs on the bandwidth, WebRTC has become an instant game-changer in the world of video conferencing. Since it completely browser to browser, it offers the highest performance with the lowest possible latency. Not only can you effectively communicate with your colleagues instantly, but you are now able to share files securely and without necessarily spending hours trying to learn protocol.

Whether it’s about building a custom infrastructure for a powerful WebRTC-based solution or about relience on a third party CPaaS (Communications Platform-as-a-service), we bet to surpass your expectations with our skill set and the know-how to make it work for your particular business case.

A custom infrastructure ensures flexibility, saves money on operation costs, and leaves full control of the system in your hands. On the other hand, a third-party platform allows for lower development costs, shortens time to market, and takes away the maintenance burden. No matter the approach, we tailor the solution to your business specifics.

Our Expertise
Custom third-party CPaaS integration

TokBox, Twilio, Vidyo

Server-side RTC development

Kurento, Jitsi, XirSys, Janus

Video conferencing and chat customization

Custom design and layout, video control options, face recognition, motion detection, etc.

Multiscreen deployments

Optimization for various endpoint devices — from PCs and laptops to mobile and tablet screens.

Mobile Players

Enabling a top-notch player packed with live simulation, DVR, multi bitrate, and recording to provide audiences with TV-quality live streams taking care of the diversity of devices, piracy, traffic spikes, and other obstacles for outstanding viewing experiences. You only get one shot to do live, and we know how to do it right.

Sit back and let your player go beyond pure playback to support content protection, analytics, and advertising while leveraging next-gen capabilities such as VR and 360 video.

Seamless ad insertion
Second Screen
Analytics and QoE/QoS Monitoring


Predictive Search, integrated payments, bots/ digital assistants, VR and AR elements, Voice Search, Chat etc. are no fancy things now. Not anymore.

We assure you with an intuitive and uncluttered flow starting from authorization to checkout that gives your ecommerce mobile app a clear competitive edge. Rest assured with our M-Commerce solution for:-
Faster Purchases
Better Customer experience
Personal Engagement with Customers
Tailored Content
Deeper Analytics
Cost reduction and productivity
Store navigation/ geolocation


Location Hygiene is a complex task that requires deep understanding of diverse, complex data sets and the use of sophisticated analytical algorithms for detection/prevention of abuse. Before implementing/subscribing to a location solutions, it is important to understand

(1) whether the solutions are based on first-party (SDK) data or on 3rd-party (off-exchanges) data, and

(2) whether the vendor has methodologies in place to detect and guard against anomalies. Such anomalies, whether instituted through unintentional errors or systematic abuse/fraud, can derail the promise of precisely geo targeted services and geo targeted advertising.

Some tried and tested subsets of Geo marketing include:-
1. Geofencing
2. Geo-Conquesting
3. Geofilters

Setting virtual boundaries around a real-world location to trigger an action as soon as someone enters or leaves the location is known as Geofencing.

Technologies like WiFi, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), GPS, Bluetooth Beacons, etc. are used to enable location identification. Your mobile apps enable you with easy distribution of targeted message as soon as a potential customer crossed the fenced location which helps in:

Better Targeting
Better Data

Geo-conquesting is a more aggressive technique used to lure your competitor’s customers, rather than your own customers or those with no existing brand loyalty. Its efficiency hinges on the premise that the targeted users are already in the market for some particular products or services.

Of course, outranking or outbidding an established competitor is easier said than done, particularly if you find yourself playing the cash-strapped underdog.

Leveraging Geo-conquesting through mobile apps is easily possible using progressive web apps. You can easily pull in customers from nearby locations using push notifications.

Geo-conquesting can help you with:-
Increased brand awareness
New businesses, looking to get a foothold in the market can leverage Geo-conquesting to get themselves noticed.
Make the most of negatives of competitors
Your marketers can capitalize on negative aspects of other businesses while consumers are experiencing it.
Focus on competitive positioning
“What do you offer that your competitors don't? What would give current customers a strong enough reason to shift their loyalty?”. Your USP should be good enough to get their loyalty surrendered.
While not necessary, consider adding some sort of incentivized offer, to ease any uncertainty customers may have about shifting their habits.

Geofilters are location-specific overlays applied to photos and videos. Relatively new, however, are on demand custom Geofilters that opened a whole new channel for marketing. With a well-designed app, we help businesses or individuals to create and upload their own filters and then assign those custom geofilters to a specific geographic location for a predetermined amount of time. What you end up with, is basically an ad that people want to engage with, lay over their photos or videos and share with their communities. It's advertising that people are actually paying attention to. And it's a way to increase awareness for your company, brand, event, etc

Potential Benefits:-
Brand Awareness
As long as your target demographic are potentially active, there’s no reason that your brand couldn’t reach thousands of viewers.
Relatively inexpensive.
You only have to pay for the time and location that you want, so you can always find an option that fits your budget.
Geofilter stats enable you to dig in and evaluate your marketing campaign performance, demonstrating both physical uses and views.


In today's highly evolving marketplace where audience preferences change frequently, businesses always need to innovate newer measures to connect and collaborate with their audiences without having to feel them burdened under the extreme use of promotional and advertising content.

If used in a smart, simple and efficient manner; messaging apps deepens the relationship with customers. To stay ahead in competition, businesses are increasingly employing messengers to touch base with customers. It has become a preferred medium of communication channel for businesses.

Let’s see how messaging apps boost your overall marketing strategy:-
Segmented Target Advertising

Businesses leverage messengers to enhance their promotional content depending on customer demographics and interests. Rather than showing same sponsored content or ads, targeted advertising results in better audience engagement and thus, higher customer loyalty.

Higher Open Rates for Messaging Apps

Traditional SMS channels are more vulnerable to spam as users have limited controls over the same. With user’s permissions in messengers, spammers are locked out of the ecosystem leading to fewer messages and managed inboxes. This translates to higher open rates, read rates and CTRs as much as 10 times of that of traditional SMSs and EMails.

Automate Your Customer Support with Chatbot

Messaging apps have higher open rates compared to EMails and traditional messaging due to interactive and spontaneous response. Chatbot serving as your support officer:-

1. Solves queries in real time

2. Posts media (Image/ Video/ Gif/ Character etc.) to keep customers engaged.

3. Deliver better engagement with the customer.

4. Customers can make payments with chatbot without leaving the messenger app. Leveraging chatbots to their best, we need to identify the tasks that a chatbot is expected to do. Also, we need to be careful with the platform chosen for chatbot. It should be well suited for the business, where potential customers can be found.

Brand Sponsored Content

Yup, even chatbots can have ads. The goal is to interact with the ad then have the chatbot engage with the user gently pushing them towards the sale.

Seamless Communication in Private

Instead of publically tweeting a complaint, it can be lodged in private. Also, this space is much needed for when it comes to the exchange of customer sensitive information like Delivery Details etc.

Messaging app can be considered as private outlet for customer relationship which delivers outstanding customized service as well as brand image at the same time.


Messengers can be leveraged to organise communication about a specific project or task. Channels are one such ingredient in them that serves the purpose very efficiently:-

1. Helps in organised conversation with Searchable and synced history.

2. Helps in offering content according to the taste.

3. Useful in conducting polls, organising meetings and sharing files.